3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely on a Temp Agency for Your Permanent Placement

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Rely on a Temp Firm for Your Permanent Placement

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely on a Temp Agency for Your Permanent Placement

When your business needs to hire someone but lacks the time or know-how to conduct a search internally, the best solution is to partner with a recruiting firm to outsource the search process.


However, it’s important to note that not all firms offer the same types of staffing services and to get the best-fit candidate, your company needs to select the right firm to partner with.


A common problem companies experience is they end up using a firm that specializes in temporary staffing to fill a direct-hire role or vice versa. While both recruiting firms and staffing firms offer staffing solutions, it’s important to note that the solutions and level of expertise differ significantly.


Think of the two like directions: one is an informed local giving you verbal directions, and the other is your smartphone using Google Maps. Let’s say you’re out of town in Atlanta and you’re looking for a restaurant that is nearby. For this task, a person giving you verbal directions is perfect: go north two blocks, take a right, drive two blocks and you’ll see it on the left.


These directions are easy to follow and knowing the person is an informed local you can trust the information is accurate. There’s no need to go through the trouble to use your smartphone to get there. However, if you’re asking that same person how to get from your precise location, to Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s a high degree of risk that you’re going to end up getting lost using those verbal directions.


In staffing, a temporary agency is like the local with verbal directions. Excellent and easy for a few things but challenged when taking on longer tasks. Your trusty, intuitive Google Maps smartphone is like a recruiting firm. Smarter, faster, and more accurate when taking on difficult searches.


Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t rely on a temporary staffing agency for your next hire.


1. Limited Network


When your company needs a quick two-week fill-in to handle excess administrative tasks, temporary staffing firms are perfect. The recruiters at temporary staffing firms have a high understanding of the network of talent that can fill their roles. Most have databases filled with excellent candidates who are ready and willing to work on short notice. However, since most of their time is spent finding candidates for this specific type of work, they don’t have many candidates in their database pursuing full-time roles—like the role you’re trying to fill.


With enough time and effort, a temporary firm might be able to find you the talent you’re looking for, but because they don’t spend much time filling that type of role, and speaking to the types of candidates you need, they will be far behind the 8-ball in their search.


However, a recruiting firm that specializes in direct-hire positions spends their time talking with candidates searching for the specific type of role you’re hiring for, allowing them to deliver you confident and timely results.


2. Lack of Industry Knowledge


With temporary staffing firms filling a large number of smaller roles, it’s difficult for them to gain a depth of industry knowledge. To fill that type of role, they don’t need to gather knowledge about the industry to successfully fill the job. Partnering with a firm that understands the challenges, pain points, and intricacies of your industry goes a long way in helping them find you the best candidate.


Recruiting firms that work within a set industry become experts about that industry. They understand how your company is structured, what motivates your market, and what types of candidates thrive within the industry dynamic.


Not only will a tenured recruiter with industry knowledge find you better candidates, but they’ll get results much faster than a temporary staffing firm.


3. Inability to Gauge Culture Fit


When you’re adding a full-time employee to your team, you, of course, want them to have all of the requisite skills and experience the position calls for. In addition, making sure your new hire also represents a fit with your company culture is also a very important component.


A successful hire represents both a skill fit and a culture fit to your organization. The most-skilled candidate on the market will struggle to drive value to your team if they don’t gel with your existing team.


When staffing temp hires, a temporary firm doesn’t have to evaluate how well a candidate fits into a company’s culture. With good reason, even if a temporary payroll coordinator clashed with a company’s culture, they’re only on site for two weeks making the conflict minimal. Because of this, temporary firms hyper-focus their analysis to identify whether or not a candidate has the technical skills needed for the job.


With a recruiting firm handling your job search, you’re able to depend on their experience in matching a candidate to the technical demands of the job, as well as to your company’s culture.


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Ingenium Talent

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