5 Signs You’re Ready for Your Next Engineering Job

5 Signs You're Ready for Your Next Engineering Job

5 Signs You’re Ready for Your Next Engineering Job

For engineers, today’s labor market presents plenty of opportunities. With industry unemployment at a record-low mark, employers are desperate for talent. As employers jockey for talent, engineers are enjoying tremendous leverage, which is leading to higher compensation, better benefits, and accelerated career paths.


Not sure if you’re ready to make a career move? Here are some signs that it may be time for you to explore a new career opportunity.


1. Stagnation


Feeling stuck or stagnated in your current role can inhibit your ability to enjoy your job. If you’ve been in, or at least feel like you’ve been in, the same position for a prolonged period, your job will get boring in a hurry. If your work does not feel challenging, and new responsibilities are not being assigned over time, you’re stagnating.


Stagnation can be caused by a variety of reasons, but no matter how it came to be you’ll want to avoid it. If your position isn’t progressing, voice your concerns with your supervisor. If after you still feel stuck in your role, it’s time to find a new job.


2.  You Don’t Have Promotion Opportunities


You want your career to steadily advance, however, sometimes the only way up is out. Being stuck in your career journey can happen for a variety of reasons. If you’re working at a smaller engineering firm or a company that experiences low employee turnover, promotional opportunities will be hard to come by. Sometimes the role that presents the next rung in your career doesn’t exist in your current company.  Maybe the role you desire might be occupied by someone of similar age and experience as you, making your wait to obtain that job lengthy. If you’re in a position where you have no place to advance internally, you’ll need to find a different company.


3. You Don’t Know if You’re Valued by Your Employer


If you’re not getting feedback from your supervisors or receiving regular performance reviews, it’s difficult to understand whether you’re valued at your current employer. Performance reviews are critical to understanding how you are progressing in your career. Without them, you’re left guessing.


Performance reviews are not the only way that employers can show you that they value you. Others include raises, recognition, bonuses, and promotions. If you’re not receiving any of these, you’re probably not feeling the love at work. If so, it’s time to look for a new engineering opportunity.


4. You Don’t Like Your Boss or Workplace Culture


Few things will make you dread coming to work quite as much as workplace conflict. Whether you have friction with your supervisor, don’t get along with your coworkers, or don’t enjoy the vibe of your workplace culture, it’s probably time to find a new job.


17% of workers leave their jobs because of their relationship to management or their work environment. It’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll always get along with everyone at work, but if your working interactions are causing regular conflict, work will become miserable for you. Instead, find a new employer that better fits your working style and desired workplace culture.


5. Compensation


While compensation should not be the primary driver in a career move, nobody can deny that it certainly is relevant.  Are you satisfied with your current compensation? Have you received a raise in the past year?  In today’s market where talent wields more leverage than ever before, if you’re unhappy with your current compensation and your employer hasn’t acquiesced to your requests for a raise in pay, and you agreed with one or more of the above points, now might be the time to poke your head out and look around for that next career opportunity.


Find Your Next Engineering Role with Ingenium


Are any of these 5 warning signs familiar? If so, we can help. Take advantage of the current job market and find your next engineering job with Ingenium. Learn more about our approach to engineering recruitment by contacting our team today.



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