8 Tips for Recruiting Manufacturing Workers in Southeast and Beyond

Tips for Recruiting Manufacturing Workers

8 Tips for Recruiting Manufacturing Workers in Southeast and Beyond

In spite of the widespread belief that manufacturing jobs are disappearing, many manufacturers are actually facing worker shortages.

This is in large part because many skilled manufacturing workers are reaching retirement age. For a variety of reasons, young workers are not always interested in starting careers in manufacturing, so it becomes difficult to hire replacements.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to find the skilled workers you need. Check out these 8 tips for drawing the top talent to your manufacturing company.

1. Challenge Perceptions

According to recent studies, only 1 in 3 parents report that they would want their child to pursue a manufacturing career.

Many parents think of manufacturing as an unskilled field that doesn’t provide job security. To successfully recruit workers, manufacturers need to challenge these perceptions through the way they present their field.

2. Hold Open Houses

One good way to change perceptions is to give potential employees the opportunity to see what the job is all about. Invite prospective workers in to tour your facility, talk to current workers, and learn more about the work you do.

3. Consider Veterans

Veterans can be a great source of labor for manufacturers. These individuals often have experience working with their hands, and can quickly pick up the skills they need for civilian jobs.

Additionally, your company may be able to take a tax break for hiring form service members.

4. Offer Apprenticeships

Students are more likely to be interested in manufacturing if they can see the opportunity it provides for a good-paying job. Consider working with schools in your area to provide apprenticeships for students in career or technical high schools.

5. Pay for Education

Many employees are looking to work somewhere that will invest in their future. By placing employees on a track where they can continue their education, you can entice them to choose your company as a smart career move.

6. Prepare for a Changing Workforce

In the past, manufacturing was a male-dominated field. To address growing shortages, many companies are looking to attract women to fill their positions.

To recruit women, it’s important to provide specific incentives. These could include specialized development programs, or expanded family leave options.

7. Develop a Talent Pipeline

When it comes to hiring workers, recruitment is only half the battle. You also need to develop the workers you already have.

Work on building training programs that help workers to develop new skills. These workers will then be able to take on new responsibilities and to train the workers who come behind them.

8. Create a Positive Work Environment

At the end of the day, people are more likely to want to work for an employer who treats them well. Generous vacation, overtime, and bonus policies can help attract the best workers.

Get the Manufacturing Workers You Need Today

With these tips in mind, you will be able to find the manufacturing workers your business needs.

Looking for more ways to find the workers you need? Contact us so you can join our talent network and get started today.



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