Five Reasons Workers are Crucial in the Manufacturing Industry

5 Reasons Workers are Crucial in the Manufacturing Industry

Five Reasons Workers are Crucial in the Manufacturing Industry

The world is always changing, but sometimes it’s hard to realize just how different things have become. Today’s manufacturing is nothing like it was 50, 30, or even 10 years ago. Technology is remodeling the environment and helping make skilled and trained workers more valuable than ever.


Skill: More in Demand than Ever


A CNC mill is basically a large lathe designed to carve metal. This modern marvel has an instruction manual that’s more than 200 pages long and requires at least a full year of training before it can be operated. There are few people in the nation qualified to fill this position and those who do earn impressive wages.


Understanding the Relationship


The biggest difference between the workers of today and yesterday? Companies are engaging heads and hearts instead of just hiring hands. They’re turning jobs into careers and fueling progress for the company itself and the laborers within. But how exactly are these manufacturing giants able to accomplish this? Job security, retention practices, and high levels of engagement.


Job Security


According to Great Place to Work, 92 percent of their top rated companies would only consider laying off as a last resort. Because each person is so well trained and highly valued, they work hard to produce lower turnover rates. This increased job security is drawing new people to the industry each year.




Even the best employees can’t help you if they don’t stick around. Companies need to keep their workers on board if they want to see the best benefits. Solid wages and benefits help employees remain satisfied and stay driven.




These workers are able to contribute to society while achieving their individual goals. Now, with such great benefits and opportunities, employees can become engaged and feel proud of their positions.




Ingenium Talent

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