The Advantages of Working with a Tenured Recruiter to Fill Your Vacant Job

Advantages of Working with a Tenured Recruiter to Fill Your Vacant Job

The Advantages of Working with a Tenured Recruiter to Fill Your Vacant Job

When your company needs to hire a new employee, it’s normal to feel both excited and panicked. You’re excited because a new employee can drive value to your organization, but the process of finding that talented person can be tough and if you make the wrong hire the damage can be significant.


The best way to avoid the risk and difficulty of conducting the talent search yourself is to partner with a recruiting agency. But how do you choose among the multitude of various recruiting agencies? Partner with the one that has the most experience in your field.


The More Experience, the More Industry Knowledge


When you select a recruitment firm, you don’t want to waste time providing them with all of the minute details of your industry. The reason you’re using a recruitment firm is that you need to make a hire quickly and efficiently. When you select an experienced firm that understands your industry, you can get straight to work informing them about the intricacies of your unique needs and get them out searching for your next hire faster.


Understanding of Market


When you partner with a recruiter who has limited experience in your market, it’s hard to generate a ton of faith that they truly understand the way your local market operates. Each market and each industry within that market has a particular set of characteristics that make them different and unique.


When you have an experienced recruiter searching for your next hire, you will have the confidence that they know the challenges of your market and have the tools and know-how to overcome them.


Experienced Recruiters Know Where to Look for Talent


With today’s labor market that features the lowest unemployment rate in decades, a bunch of applicants won’t be beating down your door when you post a job vacancy. Instead, most of the talented candidates who are interested in working for your company are waiting for you to approach them.


An experienced recruiter knows precisely where to look for the best talent, even when that talent isn’t actively pursuing a new gig. They know which companies to look within, which skills to prioritize, and which drivers are most convincing for people possibly willing to explore new opportunities.  A recruiter that lacks experience will take longer to identify top talent, as they’re, to your detriment, not as entrenched in the landscape.


Access to Vast Network of Talent


Working with an experienced recruiting firm comes with the benefit of gaining access to their vast network of established relationships. Recruiters spend a good chunk of their time building relationships. When a recruiter already has an extensive network of talent to draw from, they’re able to identify candidates that a greener recruiter might not have established.


Hire Faster


Every day that your job remains vacant, your company is losing money. The quicker you fill the position with an experienced professional, the faster that person can begin delivering value to your bottom line.


With a time-tested recruiter leading your job search, you’ll get results faster. Using a combination of all of the benefits above, an experienced recruiter can deliver results to your company more quickly. By knowing where to find the best talent and the unique motivators that will convince them to explore a new opportunity, your experienced recruiter will have your job filled in a time frame you will be thrilled with.


Contact Ingenium Talent today, as we have over 20+ years combined experience in your industry and in your market.  We can show you how our team of experienced recruiters can promptly deliver successful recruiting solutions.




Ingenium Talent

Ingenium Talent is a privately held professional search and staffing agency with over 25 years of recruiting experience in the Automotive, Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations, and Finance & Accounting industries. They have filled thousands of positions and built an unmatched network of candidates and clients, and believe that “People are Everything.” They strive to connect talent to companies by using our strong team-based culture coupled with a deep understanding of the markets we service.

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