The Benefits of Using a Specialized Firm for Automotive Recruiting

Benefits of using a specialized firm for automotive recruiting

The Benefits of Using a Specialized Firm for Automotive Recruiting

The automotive space is a unique and highly-specialized industry. While the distinct elements of working in automotive make for an exciting and rewarding career, it does make hiring and recruiting talent challenging. Especially because time is not a luxury for automotive companies.


When your automotive company needs to make a hire, but you lack the time and resources to execute a talent search yourself, trust the services and of a specialized recruitment firm.


Why are specialized recruitment firms more effective than general practice firms?

Difference Between Specialized Firm and General Recruitment Firm


For the most part, there are two broad types of recruitment firms: multi-practice and specialized. A multi-practice or general recruitment firm fill jobs across a wide range of industries and sectors. They can fill both an HR role at a retail company and an analyst role at a corporate finance firm. Specialized firms exclusively recruit within one or two industries and become experts in their given field.


Both styles of firms can be successful, but for companies that occupy unique industries such as automotive, partnering with a specialized firm who understands the challenges you face can be significant advantage. Three of the primary benefits include:

1. Specialized Firms Work Faster


When a company partners with a recruiting firm to lead a talent search, the process typically begins with a client providing the firm with a knowledge intake. A firm spends time getting to know the intricacies of your company, your market, and your industry to help them in qualifying potential candidates. All of this work, of course, takes time to do well.


When you partner with a specialized firm that already possesses a sophisticated understanding of your industry, you cut out a big chunk of the work required for this stage. The less time a recruiting firm spends learning about the type of component your automotive company provides, the quicker they can start the search process and go and find that individual.

2. Specialized Firms Have Existing Talent Networks


One of the greatest benefits that specialized firms deliver automotive companies is access to their established and wide-reaching talent network. A specialized firm only works within the automotive space, and therefore exclusively speak with automotive talent. Those existing relationships enable firms to have candidates top of mind early in the search process.


Many times, the talent networks that specialized firms possess feature candidates that aren’t on the market.  Say you need a quick skill-set driven hire to help finish a project over a three-month window. A specialized firm might have a working relationship with a CAD designer or electrical engineer who is retired and not seeking active employment, but open to taking on a short-term project. A general recruitment firm won’t have the relationships with talent in your industry to discover the best-fit candidate.

3. Specialized Firms Tap into Passive Candidates


When a professional isn’t actively pursuing or looking for a new opportunity, they’re referred to as passive candidates. The talent that occupies the automotive industry has a reputation for being passive with their job search. Identifying, let alone recruiting, passive candidates can be a time-consuming challenge for automotive companies.


For specialized search firms, however, identifying passive candidates is a strong suit. Due to their advanced industry knowledge, specialized recruiters know where to find the talent you need. They know which companies the best candidates work at, and what motivates them to move to new companies. Because of their industry tenure, specialized recruiters can quickly build a rapport with passive candidates as they have a deep understanding of their work, their career path, and the various companies within their space.

Ingenium Automotive Recruiting


If your automotive company needs talent, partnering with a trusted specialized firm like Ingenium can accelerate your search. To learn more about the advantages of using Ingenium to find your next automotive employee, contact us today.



Ingenium Talent

Ingenium Talent is a privately held professional search and staffing agency with over 25 years of recruiting experience in the Automotive, Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations, and Finance & Accounting industries. They have filled thousands of positions and built an unmatched network of candidates and clients, and believe that “People are Everything.” They strive to connect talent to companies by using our strong team-based culture coupled with a deep understanding of the markets we service.

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